Action alerts, activism opportunities, and activism tips.


Focuses on "open source" solutions to political problems, using tactics such as solution contests.

Connexions Online

Connects individuals and organizations working for social change. Contains information and ideas about democratization, economic justice, civil liberties, community organizing.

Do Something

Encourages young people to create their own vision for making a difference in their community. Provides resources and support.

Find Something

Smorgasbord of different activists, doing everything from reducing violence to promoting an understanding of sperm whale biology.

Free Republic

Online message boards for independent, grass-roots conservatives to share strategies and activist resources, and discuss issues of the day.


An organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values, organized by issue. Provides e-mail forms, news alert service, online petitions, and related links.

Green America

Contains information on boycott campaigns, sweatshop activism, public service, barter and LETSystems to regenerate local economies in the service of local needs.

International Action Center

Coordinates activism and information opposing domestic and international injustices. Founded by Ramsey Clark.

Last Superpower

Marxists who think much anti-US "left-wing" thought is not left at all.

Oregon Peaceworks

Group educating and activating people to work for peace, justice and environmental protection.

Reverend Billy

Advocacy group led by comic preacher. Opposes chain stores and malls that hurt neighborhoods.

The Earthville Network

A global community of organizations and individuals working toward systemic, sustainable solutions for the challenges of our local and global communities.