Consumer Watchdog

A nationally-recognized, California-based, non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization. Deals in insurance reform, healthcare reform, billing errors, and other issues.

Ethical Consumer

Tips on ethical buying, consumer reports on a wide range of goods, information on UK and worldwide boycotts. Publishes Ethical Consumer magazine and the Corporate Critic database.

Ethical Corporation

Monthly global business publication providing corporate social, environmental, and financial responsibility news, advice, and examples.

Green America

Contains information on boycott campaigns, sweatshop activism, public service, barter and LETSystems to regenerate local economies in the service of local needs.

Socially Responsible Consumer

Information and products for consumers who want their spending and investing to support their values. Emphasizes inteconnections between human rights, animal rights and welfare, and environment.

The Dunning Letter

Weblog dedicated to protecting consumer privacy in junk mail personal data and promotion of individual's right to control and protect name and private information.