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Microsoft (9)

Nestlé (4)

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Wal-Mart (7)

Boycott Georgia Pacific

Urges a boycott of G-P's products unless construction is halted on a pipeline that endangers the St. Johns River in Florida.

Citizen Works

Group working on a campaign to eliminate the corrosive political influence of corporations and restore democracy to the people. Founded by Ralph Nader.

Coalition Against Bayer-Dangers (CBG)

Describes campaigns relating labor practices, environmental issue, and drug safety. Formerly known as Bayerwatch. [English/German/French/Italian/Spanish]

Food Page - Boycott of Food Companies

Urges boycotts of three large food producers - Phillip Morris, Nestle, and Unilever. Includes background information and links to sites detailing the offending activities of each. [German/English]

Naomi Klein

News on the politics of brand hegemony and corporate power, and of acts of organized and disorganized resistance from all over the world. A forum for discussion and debate, and for sharing information, strategies of subversion and creative alternatives.

Top 10 Reasons to Boycott FedEx

Gives several detailed explanations of bad labor practices and relations with customers and neighbors, with links to external articles.

You've been Kmarted

Urges boycotts by US consumers of corporations who are off-shoring their workforces, with an extensive list of corporate names, and links to sites detailing the issue and the successes of past actions.