Borneo Exotics

Nursery in Sri Lanka offers Nepenthes species and hybrids, as well as heliamphora species. Online shopping after establishing account.


Specializes in carnivorous plants such as Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and sundews. Care sheets are provided with all plants that are sold. Free instructions for building a terrarium and bog.

Bug Biting Plants

Offers plants and seeds of Venus flytrap, sundews, cobra lilies, butterworts, pitcher plants, and nepenthes, as well as a range of supplies. Located in New York.

Carnivorous Plant Nursery

Sells an assortment of carnivorous plants and cultivation supplies, as well as educational materials. Includes cultivation and propagation tips. Maryland, USA.

Carnivorous Plants

Sells many types of carnivorous plants. Includes a gallery of several hundred plant photographs. Ships world-wide.

Cascade Carnivores

Carnivorous plant nursery in Washington state offering tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes), Butterworts (Pinguicula), and Dewy Pine plants (Drosophyllum lusitanicum). US sales only.

Excotica Plants

Online shop for heliamphora and nepenthes. Located in Australia.

Flytrap Lady

Sells Venus Flytraps and related items by mail order.

Leilani Nepenthes

Nepenthes nursery based in Hawaii offering many varieties of Nepenthes tropcial pitcher plants.

Meadowview Biological Research Station

A non-profit organization whose plant sales help fund the preservation and restoration of rare wetland plants, habitats and associated ecosystems on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia.

Pet Flytrap

Offering carnivorous plants, as well as supplies. Includes information on plant care.

Predatory Plants

Sells a wide variety of carnivorous plants including Venus fly traps, sundews, and pitcher plants.

Sarracenia Northwest

Specializes in growing North American carnivorous plants outdoors. Inventory includes Sarracenia pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, venus flytraps, and cobra plants.

The Nepenthes Nursery

German nursery offers online sales of Nepenthes, Heliamphora and Pinguicula, as well as several other carnivorous plant species. Richly illustrated site with products listed by original habitat.

Triffid Park

Australian wholesale and retail supplier of carnivorous plants, seeds and related merchandise. Ships worldwide.