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1902 Encyclopedia

Articles and illustrations from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th Edition (1875) and 10th Edition (1902). Searchable by keyword and browsable by subject index.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Links to on-line Smithsonian resources and answers to frequently asked questions from A to Z.

HighBeam Encyclopedia

Offers articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia and Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.

How Stuff Works

Articles explain how hundreds of things work, from elements of the human body to space-age technology.


Offers concise snippets of information across categories such as beverages, games and geography.


Multimedia, featuring text and videos. Results can be sorted into most recent or popular, guides or facts.

Online Encyclopedia

Offers articles from on the 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica, and from the Crystal Reference Encyclopedia. All articles are searchable and alphabetized.

Simple English Wikipedia

User-contributed online encyclopedia intended for people whose first language is not English.


Offers charts covering aspects such as government debt and population, for each country of the world. Includes a guide on how to read the chart. Translated into multiple languages.

World Book Encyclopedia

Online version of the complete reference work along with dictionary, atlas, links, magazines, historical documents, audio, video, images, and 3D photographs. Requires free temporary registration with option to buy continued access for full articles.

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