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Features very brief biographical notes.

Biographies of authors and other famous people that provide a flavour of the personality as well as relating the key events in the subjects' lives.


Provides articles about a variety of people of note. Also has a section showing people born that day.

Famous Biography

Biography, birthday, birthplace, birthname and height of famous people.

Great Life Stories - The life stories of generations

This community is a safe repository of personal histories and memoirs. Stories can be captured in text, audio, or video for private use, shared with the world, or published in print for current and future generations.

Hello magazine: Profiles

Profiles and biographies on royals, Hollywood actors and actresses, small screen stars, the rich and famous, celebrities, musicians, models and designers.

Heroes of History

Selection of noteworthy persons, their accomplishments and failures.

International Biographical Centre

List of dictionaries in the fields of music, literature and poetry. General and specific biographical titles of today's leading personalities.

Tells the stories of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.

The 2009 TIME 100

Profiles the 100 most influential people of the 20th century (as selected by TIME Magazine) in five fields of endeavor.

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