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Antique Boxes

Information source on antique and collectible boxes. Site sells boxes but does not offer prices online. Hosts the Internet Antique Box Book.


View other peoples collections, or add your own. Link your personal collection page. Also features exclusive articles pertaining to collecting.

Collector's Planet

News, features, links and free want ads for all collectibles, from Hot Wheels to comics to Star Wars... from a Canadian perspective.

Collectors Society

An online collectors site for coins, comics and sports cards that includes message boards, registries and further information on a paid subscription basis.

Collectors Universe

Starting point for all collectibles. Price guide, auctions, experts, information and fun.

A searchable database of individuals' collections of various items. Images, descriptions and various information about the collectible is offered.


Allows collectors to manage their personal phone card, stamp and coin collections from a centralized database. [multi-lingual site]


Website for the perfume and vanity collector. Individual/collector offers vintage perfume bottles, miniatures, compacts, and other vanity items.

Sands Mechanical Museum

Virtual museum of antique coin operated games, pinball machines, sports cars, and clocks. Offers restoration services. Located in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

The Collective Detective

Interactive service for dealers and private collectors. Locate collectible items instantly, showcase your inventory to the world. Comics, cards, memorabilia, sports, general collectibles; new categories added continually.

The inComplete Jukebox

History and information on over 1000 different antique jukebox models, 60+ manufacturers, FAQs, listing of 1200+ jukebox hits, and jukebox links.

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