Bird Songs International

Detailed descriptions of CD-ROMs Birds of Bolivia, Birds of Venezuela, and Birds of Tropical Asia.


Information about this digital illustrated guide for identifying birds and bird calls of North and Central America, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Eremaea Birds

On-line personal bird listing with access to a global database.

Flying Emu

Map List software for North American and world birding lists, plus many links.

Thayer Birding Software

Popular bird identification and record keeping software, with newsletters, discussion group, and checklists.

TweetChirp Assistant

Plays bird calls and records sightings on a Windows CE based personal organizer.

Wildlife Acoustics

Manufactures and markets the Song Sleuth digital birdsong detective, which claims to automatically identifies birds from their songs in the field.

Wildlife Computing

Bird Recorder 32 and Pocket Bird Recorder programs for keeping track of sightings of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.