All Birds

Basic tips for beginning bird watchers in the U.S., including nest boxes, identification, anatomy, bird shapes, and feeding.

Attract Wild Birds

Information on encouraging, feeding, and identifying birds in North America.

Backyard Birding

Information about gardening and feeding birds, and creating wildlife habitats in the yard.

Backyard Nature Specialist

Personal site from Minnesota with tips for attracting wild birds and other wildlife to your backyard.

BellaOnline - Birding

Short articles on various birding subjects, with photographs, recipes, and gardening information.

BirdHouses 101

Shares the different nesting and feeding preferences for North American birds.

Birds In Your Garden

Articles, tips and advice on everything related to backyard or garden birdwatching.

British Garden Birds

Photographs, descriptions to aid identification, and notes on the birds that visit a suburban garden in Sheffield, England.

For the Birds

Brief tips on setting up bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, and hummingbird feeders, as well as finding the best seed.

My Backyard Birds

Information on backyard bird watching and feeding. Includes community forum and photo gallery.


Specifications for building nestboxes for 10 species of Texas birds.

Stokes Birds at Home

Information about attracting and watching backyard birds, as well as the Stokes's television series on bird watching in the US.


Guide to feeding, attracting, and identifying backyard birds.

E-magazine with articles on communication, identification, intelligence and relationships.