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Angelocracy News and Politics

Provides personal opinion on events with accompanying pictures and videos. Also has sections for music, movies and technology.

Arabia Deserta: MENA Focus

Analysis, and commentary of world events with emphasis on the Middle East, the Arab and Islamic worlds. Covers politics, economics, finance, religion, culture, and Middle East security issues.

As I See It

Political commentary with a focus on LGBTQ issues. Includes podcasts, videos and a biography.

Blogger News Network

Blogging site with dozens of contributors, covering aspects of the news business from a citizen journalist perspective.

BTC News

An acerbic, satirical, outraged and occasionally outrageous look at news, politics and miscellaneous oddities.

Canary Trap

Indian weblog with information relating to intelligence, terrorism and politico-security matters.


Offering social and political commentary.

A critical review of politics, business and the media.


Posts focus on historic news-clippings available through the archive held Also provides tips and hints on how to navigate and search at that clipping service.


South Carolina based writings also covering what's going on at the White House, around the world and in business.

Foreign Policy News

An overview of international affairs, including alternative opinions by international relations experts.

Grumpy Editor

Critical observations from a journalist keeping an eye on all media, especially print and broadcast.

Guardian Unlimited - Newsblog

Team weblog from the British newspaper's news team, augmented with dispatches from their journalists around the world.

Reports on current affairs from around the world.


Glenn Reynolds' weblog offers opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes.


Mickey Kaus follows developments in politics, advertising, business, and the media. A Slate weblog.

Kristine Lowe

Deals with current trends in online journalism. Also includes personal observations about life in Scandinavia.

Lean Left

Another small attempt at disseminating progressive thought.

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