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Enables the creation of a customizable periodical bringing reports catered to an individual's taste. With instructions, links to online papers and a history of awards and publicity.


An aggregator with settings to enable personalization.

A customizable news service, allowing users to choose from over 200 topics and follow over 5000 public companies. News can be read on the site or delivered by e-mail.


News and research portal for reporters. Personalize newsfeeds, news ticker, and search boxes to draw items for a specific beat.

My news reader

Customizable page which aggregates news stories from different sources.

My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features.

News is Free

Collects news from over 8000 sources. The site allows you to browse and search headlines, create custom news pages, and build custom RSS feeds.

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