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15 Minute News

Lists links to popular stories from around the world, sorting by country.


Updated headlines from newspaper and broadcast news sources around the world.


Stories from the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, aggregated from mainstream and ethnic media.


Pictures and links to worldwide stories along with Canadian weather.

Science, technology and political stories from around the world. Offers simple text connections and a search box.

Sources and supplies links for little known stories and alternative slants on mainstream stories.

Daily News

Provides global headlines and trends.

ExWorld Internet News

Links to stories in categories such as entertainment, environment and technology.


Stories taken from newspapers and Twitter feeds.


Gives links to stories around the globe.

FMH Daily

Provides links to faith-related stories and current affairs. Includes a health blog.

Global News

Worldwide stories of interest organized into continents and categories including financial, entertainment and sports.

Here's a Link

Presents random, sometimes humorous, stories to read.

HotPage News

Lists stories published worldwide with a strong US relevance.

Infoshop News

Headlines related to anarchist, left, ecology, animal rights, peace activists.

Inside World

Provides links to articles from a variety of sources. Articles are also organized into regions.


Offers links to leading stories on the web. Also provides a collection of 'tops', such as top song, movie or app.

Lists the latest stories from around the world. Sources include The Telegraph, Forbes and CNN.

Local Reader

Provides links to stories for towns or cities, mainly in the United States.


Accesses international news stories, covering current affairs, business, entertainment, sports and technology.

National Newswatch

Canadian focused articles covering current affairs and entertainment.

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