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A Pretty Idea

A blog presenting recipes and craft projects with step by step tutorials and pictures.


Provides concise how-to articles over a broad range of topics.


A blog with articles on home improvement, food and drinks and gardening.

Handyman Tips

Gives advice on home improvement projects, maintaining kitchen appliances, gardening, woodworking and making things for the home.

Heels and a Toolbox - Single and Thriving

A blog written by a woman managing without a partner. Covers her trials and tribulations with home improvement projects, offers recipes, gardening guidance and posts about her life.

Hong Kong Chic

A blogger shares her tips on cooking, re-purposing household items, up-cycling clothing, and wood crafts.

How to Do Things

Directory that provides a wide variety of do-it-yourself tips and tutorials.

How to Get Rid of Things

A broad spectrum of humorous articles focusing on pest control, stain removal, bad smells, health problems, computer repair and a host of other domestic topics.

Provides how-to articles on a range of topics. Includes origami, knots, sushi and paper planes.


Web-based documentation platform where people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.

Need Instructions

Features a library of how-to articles on varying subjects including cooking, health and pets.

Obiad U Mnie

A woman's blog offering advice and tips on sewing, cooking, crafts and fashion. Also in Polish.

We Like Making Our Own Stuff

A blog with articles covering subjects such as homemade soap, window cleaner, recipes and baby wipes. Includes photographs.


Life hacks and instructional articles on subjects such as dating, science and electronics.

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