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Systems (12)

Da-Vinci Roulette

Free bot download. Provides information about how it works, testimonials and FAQs.

My Rulet

Designs and sells roulette ball prediction computers. Provides descriptions of each, a blog with videos, online store and testimonials.

Roulette 30

Provides Roulette strategy. system analysis, statistics and gambling stories.

Roulette Analysis

Sells an app designed to find biases in mechanical wheels (in the shape of a favored sector) or computer generated wheels (a number pattern that becomes 'stuck'). Provides information and screenshots.

Roulette Simulator

Providing a variety of roulette emulators. Also contains information on rules and game strategies.

Roulette Tutorial

Provides history, rules, odds, strategy and information on how to play roulette.

Roulette UK

Explains different game versions, history, strategy and systems.

Message board with topics of discussion including systems, software and resources.

Message boards with topics covering rules and strategy, stories and advantage play.

Forum for discussion of matters such as strategic play, systems, wheel bias and resources.

Provides strategy comparison tables and a forum.

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