Acta Informatica

Covers design, description, presentation and analysis of programs, information structures and computing systems. Abstracts available, subscription for full-text articles.

Advances in Multimedia

A Hindawi peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of multimedia. The website contains all the published articles and they are all open access.


A journal about the design of algorithms in many applied and fundamental areas. Abstracts available, subscription for full-text articles.

Computational Complexity

At the interface between mathematics and theoretical computer science. Abstracts available, subscription for full-text articles.

Computational Statistics

Focuses on the contribution of computing to statistics and vice versa in variety of fields of statistics. Publisher's site: abstracts, with full text for subscribers.

Computer Journal

Publishes articles across a wide range of computer science areas.


Covers research results in numerical computing and informatics.

Computing Reviews

Publishes reviews on current publications in any area of the computing sciences.

IBM Journal of Research and Development

Publishes technical papers on the technology and science of information systems. Since 2009, the IBM Systems Journal has been included. Besides an online archive submission and subscription conditions are provided.


Mathematical simulation and optimization, recognition and control, programming theory and systems, automation systems and elements. Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius, Lithuania. Tables of contents and abstracts from vol.9 (1998), some articles on-line in PDF.


An international journal of Computing and Informatics published by the Slovene Informatika Society. Tables of contents and abstracts from vol.17 (1993).

Inria - Infoweb

List of 300 computer science journals (articles are usually available electronically by subscription).

International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)

A Springer journal focusing on the computer vision aspect of Multimedia. Its website contains information range from the aim and scope of the journal, its impact factor, call for special issues, online issues to submission and subscription information.

IT Now (Formerly, Computer Bulletin)

The membership magazine of the British Computer Society with the aim of spreading awareness of professional issues, IT innovations and technological developments. Full text online.

Journal of Algorithms

Includes mathematically oriented contributions on discrete and finite algorithms.

Journal of Logic and Computation

Promotes the growth of logic and computing. The bulk of the content is technical scientific papers, letters, reviews, and discussions, as well as relevant conference reviews, are included.

Journal of Symbolic Computation

Presents research on algorithmic treatment of symbolic objects including objects in formal languages, algebraic objects, and geometrical objects.