Bacon, Jean

University of Cambridge - Distributed systems.

Balakrishnan, M.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture

Ball, Thomas

Microsoft Research - Domain-specific languages, automatic analysis of programs, software visualization.

Banerjee, Subhashis

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Computer Vision, Real-time Systems, Robotics

Becker, Simon M.

University of Technology Aachen - Software Engineering, Incremental Integration.

Bednarik, Roman

University of Joensuu, Finland - HCI, Eye movement research, Usability, CS education.

Bernstein, D. J.

University of Illinois, Chicago - Computer hardware, Data structures, Fast arithmetic, Number theory, Networking

Bertozzi, Massimo

University of Parma - Computer vision, learning in vision, artificial intelligence.

Bhattacharyya, Pushpak

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Neural Network Theory and Applications, Formal and Empirical Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Distributed Artificial Intelligence.

Blackwell, Alan

University of Cambridge - Human-computer interaction, visual interaction.

Blair, Michael R.

MIT - Dynamically adaptive profile-guided specialization, partial evaluation, program analysis, compilation, type theory, subtyping.

Blelloch, Guy

Carnegie Mellon - Thread scheduling, parallel algorithms, NESL, provably efficient language implementations, multiprocessor garbage collection.

Boisvert, Ronald F.

NIST - Numerical solution of partial differential equations, mathematical software, and information services that support computational science.

Borning, Alan

University of Washington - Human-computer interaction, constraint-based languages and systems, and land use, transportation, and environmental modeling.

Bowen, Jonathan

London South Bank University - Formal methods, history of computing, online museums.

Bradfield, Julian

University of Edinburgh - Verification using temporal logics, computer-aided verification of potentially infinite systems, logics for true concurrency.

Brajnik, Giorgio

University of Udine - Human-computer interfaces for information access, knowledge representation and reasoning about dynamical systems.

Breugel, Franck van

York University, Ontario - Concurrent programming languages, semantics, specification languages.

Briot, Jean-Pierre

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris - Object-oriented programming, concurrency/parallelism, distributed programming, flexible and adaptive programs, meta-programming and reflection, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, software agents, mobile agents, artificial life, computer music.

Briscoe, Ted

University of Cambridge - Speech and language processing, computational linguistics.

Bruce, Kim B.

Williams College - Semantics and design of programming languages, type theory, object-oriented languages, models of higher-order lambda calculus including subtypes and bounded polymorphism.

Bultan, Tevfik

University of California, Santa Barbara - Computer aided verification, formal methods, static analysis, model checking.

Bundy, Alan

University of Edinburg - Understanding the structure of mathematical proofs using proof plans, automated theorem proving.