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Artificial Life by Jpr

Introduction to artificial life. Each chapter is illustrated by a program or an applet. Chapters are available in PDF.


BugBots is a game, sort of. Really it's a project in Artificial Intelligence, and Object Oriented Design with heavy abstraction.


A free artificial life program running under Windows. Similar to C-Robots with a biological bent, where the robots mutate and evolve over time.

Electric Sheep Screen-saver

Electric Sheep realizes the collective dream of sleeping computers from all over the internet. Free; Linux, MacOS X.

Flocking Experiment

Two flocks of birds migrating to different locations flock together before splitting apart.

Java Fish

An aquarium simulation written in Java. The program uses neural networks for all of the fish being simulated, and the fish are artificially evolved from random starting information.


Physis is a software platform for testing the evolvability of different assembly-like programming languages.


A sourceforge project for an environment for creating and running agent-based models. Tcl/Tk scriptable, cross-platform (Windows and Linux/Unix).

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