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A-life Links

A list of alife resources compiled by Lachlan Cranswick.

Alife Games

Developer of artificial life worlds as free software with open source code, with the eventual aim of creating true artificial intelligence. Applications include a dungeon generator written in C++, and a shooter game for Windows.

Promotes the artificial life community by offering news, discussions, polls, software. Free registration.

Artificial Life by Jpr

Some of the main alife topics illustrated by applets or applications. A link section is also available.

Artificial Life Links

Erik Max Francis' categorized list of links to sites regarding artificial life and related fields.

A group project exploring living 3D aesthetic worlds.

Boids: A Distributed Behavioral Model

Simulations of group motion in flocks, herds, and schools, along with related phenomena. Includes many links to related applications and research, e.g. Artificial Life.


A sourceforge project for a combination game and simulation that allows interaction with simple artificial ants.

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