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Abstract State Machines

A formal method for specifying and verifying algorithms. Tools, meetings, researchers in the area.


Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory, the ACM special interest group for Theoretical Computer Science. Site has membership information, meetings, reports and a newsletter for members.

Algorithms Archive

A collection including searching, sorting, tracking, mathematics and cellular automata. In English and Italian.

Algorithms Courses

Links to courses in algorithms maintained at various university computer science departments.

On the Road to Algorithms

Information on algorithms such as Bubble Sort and Random Number Generation, using HTML, Java and Perl. Collected by Lam Ka Chun (Raymond).

Priority Queues

Electronic bibliography on priority queues (heaps). Links to downloadable reports, researchers' home pages, and software.

Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

This is a collection of implementations for 75 fundamental algorithms problems, including data structures, numerical and combinatorial algorithms, graph algorithms, and computational geometry. Implementations are available in C++, Java, Fortran, and other languages.

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