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CT3i: Common Task Tactical Training, Inc.

Tactical Force Protection specialists, instruction in Basic Close Quarter Battle (CQB, Conventional Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and Small Unit Tactics (SUT).

Cursive Simulation

UK-based company specialising in the design and analysis of highly realistic simulation systems, including for the defence and motorsport industries, in order to facilitate training in those areas.

MSE Weibull AB

Swedish provider of training and simulation platforms for military customers, such as tank gunnery and anti-aircraft missile task-trainers and simulators.

Phoenix Simulation Ltd

UK based designer and manufacturer of artillery, mortar and air-defence training simulators.

Raydon Corporation

Designs and manufactures simulation trainers for military and commercial customers.

SafeAim Ltd (UK)

Specialist suppliers to the military training and simulation industry.

Virtual Simulation Systems

Australian company that designs and produces highly-realistic computer-based military simulations, based upon the de-facto industry standard VBS2 software engine.

Yes Concept Ltd.

Technical recruitment for the defence, avionics and telecoms industries.

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