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Supplier of next-generation sniper rifles and related weaponry and ammunition.

Accratronics Seals Corp.

Ordnance related products including hermetically sealed connectors, initiators, detonators, and cartridge bodies.

Amptec Research

Design and manufacture of igniter testers for missiles, including the Tomahawk cruise missile and the Sidewinder.

Avibras Aeroespacial

Air-to-ground and surface-to-surface weapon systems including artillery saturation rockets, 70mm air-to-ground systems and fiber optic multi-purpose guided missiles.

AZ Technology Inc

Laser source simulators for seeker system operational readiness tests for laser-designated weapons.

B. Neil Consulting Services

Technical, administrative and shop support for Vertical Launch Seasparrow Missile and other related missile systems.

Black Rifle Works Ltd.

Supplier and manufacturer of parts, accessories and weaponry for law enforcement, military and civilian markets.


Battlefield reference marking system used by US Army's mechanized and armored forces.

C Tech Defense Corporation

Research, design and testing of ballistics, hydrodynamics and directed energy devices. Modeling and simulation of projectiles and explosives.

CMI Defence

Design and development of 30-105mm weapon systems for light/medium weight AFVs, turret systems integration and refurbishment and upgrading of AFVs.

DoubleStar Corp.

Builders of the AR-15 and M-16 line of rifles and manufacturer of M-60 machine gun parts.


Supplier of munitions, combat clothing and equipment for armies, police forces and military units.

FN Herstal

Manufacturer and distributor of firearms and accessories including the Browning and Winchester branded products.

Heckler & Koch

Manufacturer of high-performance small arms; including pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles and 40mm grenade machine guns.

Hirtenberger AG

Ammuniton and components for small arms, mortars, tanks and howitzers.

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