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Anautics, Inc.

Assists government agencies with software customization, program management and general technology solutions.

Real time defense contract and award data, NSN lookup, procurement history, MCRL, and non-DLA.

Blastech Ltd.

Explosive and ballistics trial and consultant services.


OEM Certified technical support for mission critical field operations in austere environments, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Daedalus Aerospace Ltd.

Technical authoring, logistic support analysis, training and recruitment solutions for the defense and aerospace sectors.

Dayton Aerospace, Inc.

Offering senior-level defense acquisition and logistics technical services and management consulting to both defense industry and government customers.

Defensive Shield Ltd.

Privately held homeland security company, established 2007, offering defense-oriented organizational development.

Don Greenwood & Associates Inc.

Security consultants for compliance to the U.S. Department of Homeland Securities, Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 and risk assessments.

Forecast International

Long-range industry forecasts and market research for military strategic planning and intelligence.

GeoSpectrum Consulting Ltd

Specialist consultancy in imagery analysis, intelligence and geospatial data to defence, security and related markets.

Information Systems Services

Technical management consultancy services to government and industry, including military tactical data links and unmanned airborne vehicles.

Inzpire Ltd.

Specialist independent aviation consultants with operational experience working with the UK Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence and NATO.

NFC Consulting USA Inc.

Security risk management services for U.S. Government agencies, international corporations and NGOs.

Northern Defence Industries

Details of defence companies in supply chain cluster in the North of England grouped by aerospace, marine, land, electronics and systems.

Project Outcomes

Project management and integrated logistics consultants and other specialist services, primarily to the Australian Department of Defence.

Ranger Land Systems, Inc.

Military logistics, maintenance and military installation infrastructure support to the U.S. DoD and other government agencies.

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