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Design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for processing, distributing, switching or displaying high-resolution images / radar signals.

American GNC Corporation

Advanced technologies in Guidance, Navigation, Control and Communications (GNCC) for the transportation, aerospace and defense industries.

AMT Microwave Corporation

RF microwave products, spiral and binconical antennas and radome antenna assemblies for milcomms and electronic countermeasures.

Avaak Inc.

Wireless sensor networks for defense and civil markets.


Opto-electronic warfare systems through its VectorWAVE products.

CommsAudit Limited

Manufacturer of RF defense subsystems including; RF Switch Matrix systems, HF Quadrature Receivers, Multicouplers and Antenna Matrix units.


Defence related electronic and communications equipment and systems for naval and military customers.South America


Design and manufacture of vision systems.

Humphrey Inc.

Guidance and control systems for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, drones and remotely operated vehicles.


Night vision and military thermal FLIR infrared imaging systems for law enforcement and military applications.


Automatic weather stations, digital anemometers and other meteorological instruments and sensor systems for the naval defence industry.

Kongsberg Geospatial Ltd.

Software components and tools for real-time mapping and geotracking. InterMAPhics product for operational Command and Control and Air Traffic Control displays.

LXO Enterprises, Inc.

Supplier of obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components and communications spares for military and commercial markets.

MC-S Nederland

Commercial and military data-gathering, recording and analysis-systems.

Micro Systems, Inc.

Design and manufacture of military radar and GPS-based unmanned aerial targeting and airborne command and control systems.

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