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Page on Cassiodorus, the 5th Century BC monk and statesman, by James J. O'Donnell. This links to the author's e-text biography of him, which is sorted by chapter and includes the author's preface, appendices, and notes.

Forum Romanum

Listing of online texts from Augustine to Vergil. Also, grammar, history, mythology, help for students of the Latin language.

Lacus Curtius

Extensive ancient Rome resource. Includes numerous photographs of Roman monuments, several classical texts, secondary sources in the public domain, and catalogues of parts of the Roman Empire.

Tibullus and Sulpicia : The Poems

A 2001 A.S. Kline English translation of the poems of Albius Tibullus, and those of and about Sulpicia, from the Messalla Collection. Provides index of first lines.

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